Welcome to Freddie's Labor Of Love.

It has taken me 50 - very long years - to bring "!Serendipity!®" to fruition.

The scope of the game just continued to grow & grow - year after year.

I just could not release a product that was unfinished - By My Standards.

But, by keeping the standards high I could easily foresee the day

when this game would break out of the Internet world into the

wonderful world of Syndicated Television.

My Special Thanks goes to:


Professor Joseph M. Tocker:

Who took my napkin drawings and created the First Proof Of Concept

of my vision of the "Dots and Boxes" game. It's one thing to dream that

something can be done and another thing when you actually see the baby born.

He was able to change the box nature of the game and turn it into a diamond

shaped game. Thus giving me something unique that I could call my own.

Circa: 1990 - 1993

Using: Basic Programming Language



Hari P. Devarapalli:


Who graciously took on the task of improving on the work done by Professor Tocker.

Adding color, numbers in the lines, the yellow and red diamond concept, 2-digit input

and the concept of putting money into a kitty so it would not disappear from the game.

And for my introduction to Dr. Suresh B. Velagapudi.

Circa: 2002 - 2003

Using: Basic Programming Language



Suresh B. Velagapudi (PhD):


Who brought his Java programming skills to the project.

Through him we were able to nail down the look and feel of the game. He made

the Kitty a full functioning player of the game. This concept alone elevated the

game to a new level which I found to be very interesting. And gave me more conviction

to see the game thru to completion. He made sure that the game randomly

positioned the Red and Yellow diamonds and that Kitty randomly played the game

without being predictable. And created an area to show the last ten moves by each player.

Circa: 2004 - 2005

Using: JAVA Programming Language


E-SPACES.COM (Brussels, Belgium):


Who brought the project to glorious success with their flair for Flash development

and 3-D animation. I credit that expertise for putting that extra wind

in my sails in order to cross the finishing line.

Their good work can be seen in every aspect of the game.

Through them the game can now be played over the Internet and by everyone

who has access to the World Wide Web.

E-SPACES co-founder Philippe Van Nedervelde and his lovely wife, Helen Netherfield, shepherd my project through their very tight community of programmers and artisans to produce perfection.

Circa: 2006 - 2010

Using: Adobe Flash Programming Language


And To Me:

Who magically came up with the fortitude, perseverance, capital, creativeness,

dedication, grace under pressure, and whining personality,

to see the project through to completion over several decades of time.

And for hiring - the right people - at the right time.


First you have to Crawl, then Walk, then Run and if you are very, very lucky - FLY!!


Circa: 1980

Using: IBM Selectric Typewriter



Fred R. Way, Jr.  June 1st, 2009

Creator Of !Serendipity!®

The Online Computer Game














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